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Midnight Catch

Coming in September--

Midnight Catch, a story of rum-running, love, and murder at the intersection of Prohibition and the Great Depression.

Mix the following....
  • a 13-year-old boy enthralled with a new phenomenon called radio
  • a failed speculator trying to keep one step ahead of a killer
  • an itinerant folksinger and labor agitator
  • a veterinarian with a weakness for helping friends in trouble, and
  • a New Orleans heiress with a risky sideline
Stir well and you have the makings of a tall, cool murder mystery.

The latest offering from NEMO Productions.

Watch this space for a link to the Midnight Catch book trailer.

Grace Notes for a Year

Grace Notes for a Year has just been re-published in a three-volume bilingual illustrated edition by Peking University Press.

After the Fact Mysteries 2

Now available, After the Fact Mysteries 2. Ten more miniature cases for you to solve all on one action-packed CD available for the low price of $12.95 on this site.

Cool American English

NEMO's international productions continue with Cool American English. Almost defying genre description, Cool American English is a two-part novel in dialogue designed to introduce Chinese students to contemporary American English. It consists of a romantic comedy intertwined with the story of the sinister goings-on at Bio Means, a mysterious bio-tech firm. Cool American English, to be published this fall by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in Beijing, will consist of two Chinese-English books, plus a verbatim audio CD.

Scores to Settle

October 1, 2009, was Publication Day for Scores to Settle. Scores to Settle, like its predecessor, Grace Notes for a Year, consists of 366 stories of the struggle to create great music &mdash ranging from the tragic to the burlesque &mdash and including some 200 illustrations. Price $16.95, available at this very website. It comes endorsed by classical music luminaries Gunther Schuller and Edo de Waart.