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In this three-disc audio book CD set "Beowulf" the Old English classic returns to its original role as a story for the ear.

Lively, well acted, and well told...a great way to introduce an epic classic to students... —Bloomsbury Review, March/April 2007

...a stirring, accessible version of the oldest narrative poem in English literature. —Tampa Tribune

These scholars and poets should all be thanked warmly for their care, devotion and expertise in making this enigmatic old poem freshly moving and meaningful. Many readers will now be inspired to study Beowulf in its own language and on its own terms, and that bodes very well for the continuing happiness and depth of Beowulf studies for years to come.
—The Medieval Review, May 2009

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Beowulf on CD: Just $19.95 for three enthralling hours!


Other ways to listen to Beowulf:
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  • Download via iTunes
  • Download from PayPlay.FM.
  • Listen to the beginning of Beowulf: The Complete Story - A Drama (mp3, 442kb).
  • Hear Dick Ringler's narration of Beowulf while viewing the text.

Beowulf: The Complete Story—a Drama

In this spine-tingling recreation, you'll hear:
  • The complete Dark Ages poem in Dick Ringler's fluent new translation from the original Old English
  • Ancient Celtic Horns, unheard for more than a thousand years
  • Celtic songs performed by Navan
  • Irish harp
  • 11 different actors from the American Players Theatre and the Guthrie Theater
  • And, yes, those three bone-crunching monsters!

Our Beowulf is perhaps the first dramatization of the complete story. The translation from the Old English of a thousand years ago recreates in every word the cadance of the original spoken story. At the same time, it's a story about fellowship, art, and the arc of life from confident youth to reflective old age. It will draw you into a world of monsters, dragons, fabulous treasures, combat, courage, and burgeoning Christianity—all with complete fidelity to the original manuscript from the Dark Ages.

The tracks of the CDs correspond with the section breaks of the original poem, and the 28-page booklet provides plot summaries of each track, plus a geneological chart, an index to the characters, and an essay about the origins of the story.

Beowulf: The Complete Story—A Drama is as suitable for scholars as it is for sheer entertainment.